Macon Holdings Pvt Ltd is a professional construction company successfully functioning in the construction market for a long time.

Macon Holdings is considered one of the most reliable companies that will redecorate, build, and reconstruct homes, apartment of your choice efficiently and professionally.

Macon Holdings can deliver any types of Construction and Renovation Projects.

From Single Bathroom to extreme Conversions Including Basement, Extension, Full House refurbishment at the same time.

Macon Holdings is covering residential and Commercial Sectors and Macon Holdings has a great reputation and numerous endorsements from Our satisfied clients.

Our activities are

  • Renovation of apartments, Houses, commercial and industrial facilities,
  • Reconstruction of buildings,
  • Construction of houses & planning
  • Landscaping
  • Plumbing
  • Electric works
  • Supply construction materials
  • Timberworks (Doors. Window, Pantry, Bed, Chairs, Tables. Etc)
  • Ceiling (any type)
  • Roof (any kind of roof)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Water Features

Macon Holdings provides professional services in island-wide, works on an individually designed program for each client and is ready to provide a full range of services when necessary.

Feel Free to Contact Us: – 077 215 0 348 / 076 310 9999

The key to the success of one of the components and quality assurance of Macon Holdings is a professional highly qualified staff that clearly knows the range of their responsibilities and excellently manages them.

They are ready to answer all customer questions, fundamentally renovate to the high quality efficiently and professionally by providing services for the construction of houses, cottages, properties, offices, and other facilities, as well as buildings.